General Conference thoughts: Our Good Shepherd

by Dale G. Renlund

When we get a paper cut we know what to expect.  It’s going to hurt but after a couple of days we will forget about it because our body will do what it does best – it will heal.  We are designed to heal.  Sometimes though, when the wounds are severe, we need help to heal. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Gathering the Family of God

by Henry B. Eyring

Imagine you had a goal you wanted to achieve by the end of Saturday.  Some kind of home improvement or handiwork that you decided to do.  Would you jump in and begin working?  Or would you come up with some kind of plan so that you could achieve your goal in a respectable way and on time?  Most of us usually jump into projects with some kind of plan.  Maybe not all of us plan well but we usually have a route we want to take when we want to accomplish something important to us.  Continue reading