General Conference thoughts: Pure Love: The True Sign of Every True Disciple of Jesus Christ

by Elder Massimo De Feo

Not all that wear the cause of christian wear it well.  Love should be the mark and sign of any true christian.  But that’s not always the case.  There are those that wear the name but practice hate, anger, greed, and everything Jesus Christ stood against.  There are those that wear the name and practice their own definition of love but their love lacks any Godly element.   Continue reading


General Conference thoughts: With One Accord

by Reyna I. Aburto

As I mentioned before, there were two vocabulary words stressed this conference.  They actually go hand in hand.  One is ministering and the other word is unity or a variation of it.  In other words, unity is being stressed at a time when division and rifts are occurring in nations, communities, and even homes.  We are falling apart and our division will destroy nations, communities, and even homes. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Take the Holy Spirit as Your Guide and His Spirit to Be with You

by Elder Larry Y. Wilson

and President Henry B. Eyring

I believe learning the language of the Spirit is the most crucial skill a person can acquire in this day and age.  It is also something I lack the ability to do.  That is why I appreciate step by step instructions on how to accomplish this task more so than pretty metaphors and imagery that sometimes loses practical implementation. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: General Priesthood Session

Due to space and time, the entire Saturday evening session is combined in one post.

I don’t watch the Saturday evening of conference because after 4 hours from the morning and afternoon, my focus is shot (I’m not sure what I’ll do in October when I should watch that evening session) but I do read every talk in the Ensign.  But this session I didn’t need to watch it per se because I heard all about it.  At least, the changes announced during it. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Teaching in the Home – a Joyful and Sacred Responsibility

by Devin G. Durrant

I don’t connect with every talk and this is one that I had a difficult time finding personal application with.  Since I don’t have a family of my own to teach this seemed like N/A  counsel.  Don’t get me wrong, it is good counsel for those it applies to but for those of us who can’t practice its message at this time it wasn’t the easiest to focus on. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Saving Ordinances Will Bring Us Marvelous Light

by Elder Taniela B. Wakolo

There is always that question of why.  Why am I doing this?  At least for me that question needs to be answered on a fairly regular basis.  A couple of months ago when spring finally started making its way with warm weather I asked that very same question as I headed into church.  Why am I going to church today?  It is so nice out!  Elder Wakolo answers that question.  Here’s the why. Continue reading