General Conference thoughts: Hear Him

Imagine being called as a prophet of God. Your life’s work is to turn people to God to find a better way of life. Usually prophets have to remind (constantly) the people of their time of certain weaknesses or road blocks that prevent them from coming to God. Moses broke it down into 10 basic rules to help his people. Elijah told people not to worship other Gods. You get the idea.

President Nelson’s warning, if we heed it, is we need to be able to listen to God. There is so much noise today we need to learn how to listen. Learn the language the Spirit will communicate with us individually because our spiritual survival depends on it.

He also read a new proclamation celebrating the restoration of the Gospel. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints isn’t unique in its belief of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The difference is the origin of the church today. A prophet called in 1820 and a prophet to guide us in 2020. Isn’t it a wonderful message?

  • How do you intentionally create time to Hear Him?
  • How does the Spirit communicate with you most often?
  • What was the last message you received by revelation?
  • When did you first believe in the restoration of the gospel?
  • How can you share your witness of the restoration?
  • How important is the restoration of the gospel in your life?

Hear Him by President Russell M. Nelson

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