General Conference thoughts: “Let This House Be Built unto My Name”

What is a house for? I visited Mesa Verde in southern Colorado and learned about that area’s Native Americans and their move to houses. I was surprised humans learned how to dwell in houses. It seems like an instinctual process to build a shelter. But apparently, it’s not. At least, not for some. Once this particular group of people moved to shelters they left some pretty hardy dwellings behind.

All this circles back to my original question. What is a house for? A gathering place; a place of rest; a shelter. Anything else?

The Lord’s house, or the temple, has similar functions except on a spiritual level. And for a much bigger family unit. We gather; we rest, we seek shelter. All this has been provided when we live in a calamitous world. How marvelous is this plan!

  • How do you make your home a place of gathering; rest; shelter?
  • How does family history strengthen your family bonds – not only with the dead but the living?
  • How is the temple a place of gathering; rest; shelter for you?
  • When is your next temple visit?
  • How does family history provide a shield for us?

“Let This House Be Built unto My Name”
(Doctrine and Covenants 124:40) by Elder David A. Bednar

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