General Conference thoughts: Go Forward in Faith

And this is a wrap for my General Conference thoughts feature. I have decided to discontinue my Sunday posts to focus on Wednesday and Saturday posts. All in an effort to practice quality over quantity of writing.

A historic and memorable conference has come to a close. Isn’t it nice we have the opportunity to hear from the Lord’s prophet in closing?

The conference closes with an apostolic blessing. Even though this is a time of uncertainty in the world we are still on the Lord’s timetable. Take comfort in this. More temples announced. Wyoming still only has one (barely one because it is on the western border).

He also reminds us of this prophetic theme: Hear Him. However we need to do it, do it. Learn to listen to the Spirit as if our survival counted on us learning this skill. Because our spiritual survival does.

Thank you for joining me the past few years as I shared my personal thoughts over conference talks.

  • What are some themes you heard in October’s conference?
  • What have you done this year to commemorate the First Vision’s bicentennial?
  • How has your testimony of the restoration of the gospel grown this year?
  • How will you share your testimony this week?
  • How have you grown closer to Christ this year?
  • What is your plan to study October’s conference?

Go Forward in Faith by President Russell M. Nelson

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