May the Fourth Be With You

The holiday of my people.

Here’s a nice meme I found on the Star Wars page to help celebrate.


photo from internet

I remember I liked Star Wars since day one back in 1977.  At least, I assume I did.  I was only four so I don’t really remember seeing the first one in the theater.  But I do remember when Return of the Jedi came out and the line to the theater extended out to the parking lot.  If I remember correctly, we decided to not wait in line and try again another night.

I know my mom also liked the movies.  Her preference might have had a lot to do with Harrison Ford but I recall she enjoyed them.  She bought the videos (on VHS) and we watched them together from time to time.  We discussed how there were gospel themes throughout.  She told me that her mom, my grandma who died before I was born, liked science fiction and would probably have enjoyed them as well.  That gave me a connection to grandma and I imagined we would have watched them together.

I just assumed everyone loved or at least liked Star Wars. In recent years, I found out members of my own family did not feel the same way.  They may have watched ‘one or two.’  One or two?!  How can we be related and you not understand the greatness of Star Wars?

Anyway, it’s May Fourth.  The day everyone rolls their eyes at when I mention.  That doesn’t deter me.  Somewhere out there are my people; the people who get it.  To them I say, May the Fourth be with You.

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