General Conference thoughts: That They May See

If you have ever been in a dark room, any dark room, then you know how important light is. You may have also noticed how very little light is needed to overcome the darkness. Just a little light will do. Our eyes immediately make the most out of it to help calm our brains and get us where we need to go.

Now, I’m not a good missionary. Never have been. Especially when I served as a full-time missionary. It’s just never been my thing. So I appreciate the missionary pep talks that are coming now. Instead of “do this” it’s more of a “find your talent, your common ground, and let it come naturally.” As long as our focus is Jesus, the rest will come naturally.
Unless we try too hard and inadvertently cover the light. “Let your light so shine,” or in other words, let the light of Christ so shine in your actions. Then, just like our eyes seek light in a dark room others will come to you.

  • Think of someone in your life who lets the light of Christ shine in their actions. Why did they come to mind?
  • Pray for ways to use your talents and interests to share the light of Christ. Be creative.
  • Share your testimony through a talent.
  • How do your interests reflect the light of Christ?

That They May See by Bonnie H. Cordon

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