Love me some Thanksgiving

I know I mention this every year but Thanksgiving really is the best holiday.  It is the Friday afternoon at 5:00pm holiday.  The anticipation holiday.  The kickoff for the season.  It is the best and it deserves some love.

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General Conference thoughts: Laying the Foundation of a Great Work

by Elder Steven R. Bangerter

It’s not always easy finding a personal message to every conference talk.  And those talks that focus on raising and rearing families are especially difficult to find a personal message with when you’re single.  This was one I had to ponder a bit and force myself to stay on track. Continue reading

All I want to do is walk

All I wanted to do is to walk.  I decided walking wasn’t enough.  I needed to set a goal.  Since I’m no runner I looked for a 5k to walk at the beginning of summer.  I knew I was slow so I decided to walk at least 3.2 miles five to six days a week to practice and then enter another 5k at the end of the summer to see if I improved.  Look at me being all goal oriented.  Yay me. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Opening Remarks and Deep and Lasting Conversion to Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

by President Russell M. Nelson

and Elder Quentin L. Cook

I first heard the rumblings a year or so ago from a friend.  The church was testing a pilot program for a home based Sunday School.  Her sister’s stake was part of the test and according to my friend it “failed” because no one would study at home.  Continue reading