Every word written

I write every day  for at least 20 minutes.  Or, at least, I set aside 20 minutes a day to write.  Sometimes there’s a tad more day dreaming or Facebooking than actual writing.  At any rate, I fill up little notebooks fairly quickly at that rate.  I usually go through those notebooks to fill up this blog.  I figure as long as I have thoughts written down in the books I’ll keep up this blog even though I don’t get a lot of views.  Sometimes when I go to the books to fill in my little blog the pickins are a bit slim.  Not every thought is worth sharing. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Be Ye Therefore Perfect – Eventually

by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

This belonged to one of the major themes I picked up on the last conference.   A conference watcher usually picks up on themes needed most in his or her life.  This was no different.  Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: The Living Bread Which Came Down from Heaven

by Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Food is necessary for our survival.  We consume it and it becomes energy for our bodies.  The right kind of food sustains us and helps us grow.  Without nutritious food our bodies become weak and sick. Continue reading