A High School Lesson I Remember

During a high school science class, we were asked to conduct an experiment.  My partner and I chose to focus on the effects of words.  It was a rather simple test.  We took two seeds and planted them in separate containers.  We made sure each received the same amount of nutrients – water and sun.  Continue reading

The Healing Gift

“And to others it is given to have faith to heal.” – Doctrine and Covenants 46:20

I’ve been wallowing a bit.  My bishop asked me to serve in the nursery at church.  He firmly believes a “precious little one” has the power to heal a broken heart.  I have my doubts.  Especially when one of the precious little ones told me she doesn’t like my hair cut and that I have a big belly.  Precious. Continue reading

More important matters…

You know that over/under debate that has been going on for years?

blog tp

For the record, the placement of the toilet paper is random and does not endorse or support a preference for over or under.  Just getting the roll ready for use.


This is so ridiculous!  When it comes to needing some toilet paper at the moment of requirement I don’t really care if it’s over or under.  This is such a silly thing to waste time on.

There are more important matters in life.

Such as avoiding using the ugly fork in the drawer.

blog fork

And eating Skittles the proper way.

blog skittles

I would never waste my time on the over/under utter silliness.