I am not your victim

I am not making light of anything going on in the headlines right now.  This is supposed to be a word of empowerment.  I will not be your victim more than once. You may have hurt me but I will not let you crush me. I will not let you have that much power over me.  I will be responsible for my fate and my own actions.   Continue reading


That time I made my 20 year old self jealous

I have mentioned my country phase in the ‘90’s before.  Yes, I rode the Garth Brooks’ wave into the country scene and became a die-hard fan.  I dressed the part; I listened to the part; I even taught my two year old niece the part.  Then something happened in the late ‘90’s when I decided my plunge in the CW world made me feel old.  I can’t explain it.  One day toward the millennium I felt I had missed out on a whole decade of music because I was so focused on only one brand.  With a few exceptions (looking at you Reba and Lari) I boxed up or gave away my CDs.  Put my cowboy boots in the back of my closet and essentially closed the door on my country-western phase. Continue reading