Will She?

I. Waiting

            “Can I help you with anything?” the young clerk asked while wiping her hands on her apron.

“No, thank you,” he replied glancing at her for a moment then turning his gaze toward the door.

“Look, be honest,” the clerk continued while clearing cups off the table next to him, “are you casing this place or something?”

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We all have to start somewhere…

I am trying to help my dad cut the cord to cable and move to Roku. It’s not an easy transition since he is familiar with cable and all of its schedules and shows. But cable is dying away so he is about to have no choice. I thought for sure if I enticed him with a John Wayne movie he would buy into the streaming television choice. What I learned that night though is not all John Wayne movies are created equal. His early work are unintentional comedies as he outgrew Marion Morrison and perfected becoming, well, John Wayne.

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General Conference thoughts: Spiritually Defining Memories

When I served in Young Women, one of my responsibilities was to have a chat with primary aged girls that would soon come into the Young Women class. Our chat was to help prepare them for the next 6 years they would spend on their covenant path. What did I share with them? We looked in the Book of Mormon and found the word ‘remember.’ That, I told them, was the purpose of the Young Women organization. To help them remember the teaching of their parents and build upon it.

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The downside to contentment

I have a theory. It’s not a popular theory. In fact, when I posed it as a question on Facebook there was some disagreement. But I maintain my thesis. Here it is: people who are content will not change. There would be no need. They will stay in their comfort zone with no desire to leave. It takes unhappiness, a burr in the saddle, some kind of discomfort to prompt or prod us to level up, so to speak.

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