The Samson Pill: Conclusion Chapter 24

Chapter XXIV Many, many years ago but no one knows how many

She thought he would have been excited.  But judging from his silence she was wrong.  She thought when she told him about the baby, he would elevate her into his world.  Again, she was wrong.  Instead, his first question seemingly burned a hole in her heart.

“You sure it’s mine?” he asked in such a low tone it took a moment for her to process his words.  They sat on a park bench in the dark.  Nothing new there, the only time he met her was in the dark of the night.

“Of course,” she forced a laugh.  What a silly question.  “Who else would it be?”

He shrugged his shoulders.  “Could be anyone’s really.”  He didn’t even look at her.

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The Samson Pill: Conclusion Chapter 23

Chapter XXIII December

“You done yet?” Cooper asked.

“This is not easy,” Al said her hands working quickly behind her back.  She was working a piece of wire sewn into her sleeve out.  They had anticipated being bound in some fashion and she was relieved when her hands were bound together.  It made the task of escaping much easier than if her hands would have been tied separately to a chair. It was a gamble, but they had figured – and hoped – their captors would choose hands together in handcuffs. Which, to the benefit of Al and Cooper, they did.

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The Samson Pill: Conclusion Chapter 22

Chapter XXII A few years ago

Al sat in the surveillance van waiting for her partner to return.  A fresh graduate of the academy, she wanted to do a good job.  People had invested time and effort in her to complete her training and she didn’t want to let anyone down.  For the first time in her life, she felt the pull of other people guiding her life.  She had never known that feeling of people depending on her before.  Never in a million years would she have guessed the current path her life was on but now that it was on that path, she was going to make the most of it.  Maybe now she would find a place she belonged.  Maybe even a home, if such things existed for girls like her.  But first things first, this was her first assignment and she was not going to fail. She absolutely would not allow herself to fail.

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The Samson Pill: Conclusion Chapter 21

Chapter XXI. December

Cooper clicked his tongue behind his teeth.  More waiting.  He hated waiting.  If it were up to him, there would have been no waiting.  In fact, if it had been up to him, the deed would already be done and the team would be sitting around the table toasting their accomplishment.  Or they would be behind bars since his way consisted of many illegal acts.  Or they would be dead because his way was a little rash based on instinct and very little thought.   He could see the logic in Ant’s plan.  It was a solid plan.  Well thought out, many years in the making.  Cooper could recognize the value in it when his thoughts of revenge didn’t overtake him.  He conceded actual revenge was better than dying without bringing his mother’s murderer to justice.  So, he waited.

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