Another Proverb

This is the second proverb I made a meme of.  It came from a comment during class that a fellow class member shared.  I liked it and thought I’d make a meme.


General Conference thoughts: Be With and Strengthen Them

by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

How to be a decent human being 101.  That’s what this is all about.  If the heart is the symbol of love and we live in a time when “men’s hearts shall fail them” (Doctrine and Covenants 45:26) is it any wonder we need to be reminded how to use our heart?  Or that we need to know how to put the checklist down and focus on people?   Continue reading

Momma’s Proverb

A few Sundays ago, we discussed The Proverbs in Sunday School.  I decided since the Bible’s Proverbs are the original memes (so to speak) I thought I’d make a couple of memes out of them.  This first one includes a thought from my mom in parenthesis.  I use her last set of scriptures to study the weekly Sunday School lessons and I love when I find a scribbled personal note from her.   Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Ministering

by President Russell M. Nelson

It was Easter Sunday and the afternoon session of conference.  I needed to get across town to my brother’s house because we were going to have Easter dinner immediately following the session so that the out of town travelers could get home.  But I heard that President Nelson would be giving a short talk so I hung around for a few minutes to hear what was going to be announced.   Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: the testimonies of two new Apostles

Two new apostles were called to fill in the vacancies of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles during the Saturday afternoon session.  Each one was permitted to share a brief testimony during Sunday afternoon’s session.

Elder Gong focused his testimony on the message of Easter Sunday and the hope of the Atonement of Christ.

Elder Soares pointed us toward listening to our prophet because “he knows the way.”

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today by Elder Gerrit W. Gong

Prophets Speak by the Power of the Holy Spirit by Elder Ulisses Soares