The Car Wash

Chapter I

Chadwick tapped the steering wheel with his forefinger.  He was in line at the car wash and was growing impatient.  Actually, patience never was something he had ever experienced.  No acquaintance of his would describe that as one of his virtues.

How much longer was this going to take? 

He let out a long audible sigh and glanced at his Apple Watch.  It had only been two minutes since the last time he had looked.  He shook it out of instinct to make sure it was awake and accurate.  It was.

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Cori’s Cuts

Just over a year ago, for reasons I won’t go into here (because they no longer matter at this point and will hopefully soon be forgotten) I started posting on instagram. My pictures do not feature people but usually scenery. My intent is to post something beautiful. Considering I live in the high mountain desert that most people find “ugly” this is a rather personal feat. I attempt to accompany the pictures with short word posts of encouragement. Sometimes, the pictures repeat. Sometimes I have to borrow lyrics or others’ words. For the most part, I feature my pictures and my words. All in an attempt to strengthen and edify anyone who happens upon my little insta-home.

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Lil B

Every year, usually around the end of August, my niece Bubba invites me to come and spend a few days with her family. A cute family with two red-headed boys as bookends and one sassy brunette sister in the middle. Inevitably, I return home with an collection of stories to share by recounting the week of antics. The oldest will turn 8 in a few months, the youngest will turn 4 a month later. So, yes, there are plenty of stories to share. This one is about Lil B.

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The Plan

Satan sat at his desk doing paperwork. He hated paperwork but unfortunately, if he was going to destroy the world and every living creature, it was going to take planning. A key quality of his he boasted of every chance he was given was that he was intelligent. So he knew that planning something as grand as the end of an entire world would take careful planning. Planning required paperwork. Which meant he still had work to do even though he was tired and would like to call it a day.

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