The Dullest Person

It is quite possible

she is the dullest person in the world

according to those

who have ever had to meet the girl. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Unwavering Commitment to Jesus Christ

A short demonstration regarding commitment could play out like this. Ask for a volunteer to come and stand in front of the room. When she is standing next to the teacher another student (predetermined before class) could ask her to move. Of course the volunteer will move. Then the teacher could ask her to stand again in her original spot and this time tell her whatever happens please do not move. Another student could ask her to move but this time the volunteer will not budge. What is the difference? Continue reading

Call me Rose

Do you remember when The Golden Girls was on television?  I do.  If I remember correctly, the show aired on Saturday nights.  Don’t quote me on that though because my social active life made it difficult for me to watch tv on Saturday nights.  By active social life I am referring to watching the Love Boat and probably Golden Girls with my folks.  Anyway, I remember it was one of the shows my mom got a kick out of and enjoyed.  And so, because I have a chameleon personality and will absorb other people’s interests, I of course enjoyed it.  In hindsight, I probably didn’t understand or relate to a group of geriatric women but because mom laughed I laughed. Continue reading