About cksdays

Focus has never been my strong suit. And my blog reflects this very well. I like to laugh but I also dabble in poetry. I have a spiritual side and a serious side. Sometimes, I like to tell stories. Who knows what you'll get when you read my blog. So come along for the ride!

Opinion vs Solution

Sometimes when we have an idea we think it’s the best idea or the only idea.  That’s not always the case though, correct? Continue reading


General Conference thoughts: Turn On Your Light

by Sharon Eubank

Critics who complain about women in the church being ‘second rate’ obviously have never done their homework.  The beauty of this talk is that Sister Eubanks uses a talk from Spencer W. Kimball given nearly forty years ago.  And President Kimball’s words are not dated one bit.  Still very much true. Continue reading

Be Not Deceived

After traversing through a difficult trial that tested the limits of my faith, a church leader read Doctrine and Covenants 112:24-26 to me. Whether he intended to have me read it as a warning because of the actions of others or my own actions I’m still unclear. But it did get me thinking about the verses and led to a personal study. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject of being deceived. Or rather, how I can avoid being deceived in the days that blur the line between fact and fiction, right and wrong, light and dark. Continue reading


I was driving home on a two-lane blacktop in Wyoming when I drove over a bridge.  Down below was a river in a serene setting.  I wished I could have taken the time to pull over and disconnect from the world for a couple of hours. The trouble?  I don’t fish.  I don’t like to eat fish.  I don’t like the smell of fish.  I will never be a fisher. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Foundations of Faith

by Elder Quentin L. Cook

And when it comes down to it, there is nothing really new under the sun.  We may be waiting for some revelation that will demonstrate our faith.  Some kind of call to action that will prove our worth.  Continue reading