I don’t do boredom well.  If I’m bored everyone near me will suffer.  Just a warning. Continue reading


General Conference thoughts: It Is All about People

by Bishop Gérald Caussé

I have shared this before but it’s been awhile.  And it’s one of my favorite examples.

When my brother was called to serve as a bishop he asked several esteemed friends for advice.  Out of all the wise advice he was given by leaders and former leaders on the ward and stake level in church the advice he most often recited came from our dad.  In essence, dad told my brother it’s about the people.   Continue reading

The Lesson of the Toddler

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a week with my niece Bubba and her family.  Her family currently consists her husband – S, their three year old son-  Lil B (who will turn four next month), their two year old daughter –  Lil K (who was one week away from her 2nd birthday during my visit), and their son – H who, if he follows his siblings’ trend of being born before their due date, will be born in December.  A cute little family and I had a fun time.  The soon-to-be two year old taught me a valuable lesson and made me realize that sometimes we adults still might act like overgrown toddlers.  Continue reading