Christmas checklist

Christmas Day is one week from today.  One.  Week.

Everyone keep calm and continue on.


Bought?  Mostly.  Except a couple of you toughies.  Seriously, we are way past the time to be dropping hints.  Just tell me what you want.  Better yet, buy it yourself and slap a tag on it for me.  Need I remind you?  One.  Week.  Crunch time.

Wrapped? Uh, I still have one week, right?


Made?  Mostly.  That was last Saturday’s project (hence the reason the wrapping has not been started).  Last year’s salsa kind of flopped.  I did not acquire my mom’s Christmas-candy-making gene.   Totally skipped me.  And I’m okay with that.  But there are some awkward moments when someone hands me a plate of goodies and all I have to offer in return is a hearty, “Thank you.”  So, what I need is a “Christmas Goodies for Dummies,” guidebook.  With the help of a coworker, I came up with a Plan B.  She suggested I dip stuff in chocolate.  Stuff like cinnamon bears, licorice, pretzels.  That kind of stuff.  And so I did.  I’m not a big fan of licorice so I used Swedish Fish.  And instead of pretzels I dipped Pretzel Goldfish.  Though I couldn’t find any bears I substituted Hot Tamales and I have to say I now qualify for “Christmas Goodies for Geniuses.”  For filler I used popcorn and nuts.  As an experiment I dipped Root Beer Barrels in vanilla to produce a root beer float taste.  It didn’t quite work.

Delivered?  A resounding check!  Even to my gluten-free friend and my friend who has gone sans chocolate.  Oops.  Still perfecting this whole Christmas treat thing.  Have I mentioned I’m not a big treats person to begin with?  I still have a sack full of Halloween candy left over.  I just need to make some more for my dad to give out.


Miracle on 34th Street (newer version): Check

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey): Check (thanks ABC Family)

White Christmas: Check (thanks AMC)

Christmas Vacation: Check.  And check.  And check. (Gee, thanks ABC Family)

Christmas in Connecticut: Check (thanks Hallmark Movie Channel)

Miracle on 34th Street: not yet

It’s a Wonderful Life: this weekend

Shopping for Christmas dinner:

Not yet

Christmas parties and concerts:

My last one is tonight

Be able to enjoy the reason for the season:


How’s your Christmas coming?


More Christmas:

Christmas Salsa by ck

4 thoughts on “Christmas checklist

  1. Things dipped in chocolate always go down well – very good idea! 🙂 I had some strawberries dipped in chocolate this year – never had them before, and I didn’t believe they would be that nice really – oh but they were!!! Those flavours go really well together!

    Here’s something easy to do that I found on a Tumblr blog this week – very festive, and great for children too! How clever is that – a recipe in an animated gif – no reading!! 😀

    Here’s a salsa recipe of mine on a writers site I go on at times. I hardly ever make it now, but when I do, I have to make double amounts for a party, people scoop it up very quickly. You might like it!? I’m guessing this was the kind of salsa you were talking about?

    There’s one for a hummus dip on there as well if you click on my user name and go down the list, you should find it next to the salsa recipe.

    Not sure what baking gifts I’m going to do this year – if any. Perhaps I’ll try some of those snowmen, they are very cute! But that’s just made my list even longer!! 😀

  2. I really enjoyed the “dipped in chocolate” goodies – they were tasty and fun. Eventually, one of these years, I’ll get back to giving out Christmas goodies and reciprocate. Not this year – but thanks for the treat!

  3. Thanks for the links! I copied and pasted them into a file to look at when I have more time (possibly after Tuesday?) I’m excited about the salsa one. I need a good salsa recipe 🙂

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