General Conference thoughts: Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel and Knowing, Loving, and Growing

I don’t know about you but missionary work is a topic I don’t like to discuss. It’s one of those that when the word is mentioned in class I try not to make eye contact. Let’s just say, there is plenty room for improvement in my life. So, I have a tough time making a connection with this topic because my feelings of guilt thump loud in my ears. But here’s the thing, we make it more difficult than it needs to be. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Covenant Women in Partnership with God; Two Great Commandments; and Spiritual Treasures

If only there were a few more Sundays I wouldn’t have to combine talks. But there aren’t so I combined the First Presidency’s messages today. It’s interesting to see the topics chosen for the Saturday evening session. If a woman doesn’t feel empowered reading or listening to any of these talks she must be listening wrong. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Standing by Our Promises and Covenants

In a book (and later a movie) called Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine, the heroine, Ella, receives a very unhelpful blessing which quickly becomes a curse. She must obey any command given to her by another person. Imagine if we had a similar blessing given to us except with a twist. We would have to do anything we ourselves pledge to do. Any pledge that comes out of our mouth would require immediate and literal action by us. Would that curtail the things we speak? Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: After the Trial of Our Faith and Honoring His Name

I don’t teach Relief Society but if I did and I happened to be leading a discussion of a combination of these two talks I suppose I would start with an object lesson of sorts. First, I would call someone by name to come to the front of the room to help me. I would then ask her to follow a set of directions as I give them – one direction at a time. After she reached the end, I would ask her if it would have been easier to know the destination beforehand so that she would know the outcome of all the smaller actions. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Consistent and Resilient Trust

There is the simple but effective trust exercise that involves having one person fall back into the arms of another. It is difficult to do in church though especially when volunteers are in church dress. But another simple exercise of trust might be to ask a a willing volunteer (someone who does not embarrass easily) to stand in front with her eyes closed. Have her hold a bowl and let her know her bowl will be filled. But don’t tell her when and let her stand there while you share a story. Let it take awhile so that she might be tempted to open her eyes to see if you have forgotten about her. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Adjustments to Strengthen Youth and Beloved Daughters

It’s interesting, isn’t it? Whenever there is a change in format to be announced in conference, President Nelson first stands and endorses the change that is about to come. He lets us know that the First Presidency is in favor of the change. It’s an important element in all this flurry to know that the Prophet of God is in fact magnifying his calling. But that’s a side note. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Found through the Power of the Book of Mormon

A simple exercise when it comes to the Book of Mormon is to sit down and ask yourself “Why do I read the Book of Mormon?” The answer should be a testimony born of experience in reading and applying its teachings. A witness can’t be shared if there is no familiarity. In fact, the word testimony or witness relies on having a personal viewpoint of something. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Watchful unto Prayer Continually

It’s helpful to know the opponent’s game plan and strategy. A visual example of this could be a simple game set up in which the objective to capture an opponent’s piece. After a moment of play, explain the strategy you are going to use to try and capture the piece. With that knowledge in mind, play a little longer. The other person should be fairly effective at blocking you if they know your game plan. Continue reading