General Conference thoughts: Earning the Trust of the Lord and Your Family and Do We Trust Him? Hard Is Good

by Elder Richard J. Maynes and Elder Stanley G. Ellis

Another combination but really this one is pretty seamless.  It really is almost one talk in two parts (and two speakers).  It’s hard to believe it wasn’t planned. Continue reading


General Conference thoughts: The Book of Mormon: What Would Your Life Be Like without It? and Seek Ye Out of the Best Books

by President Russell M. Nelson and ElderIan S. Ardern

The most striking thing about President Nelson’s talk the day he delivered it was his quiet way of showing how to sustain a prophet of God.  His whole talk focused on how he took President Monson’s last conference talk and applied it.  What a great example! Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Spiritual Eclipse

by Elder Gary E. Stevenson

I experienced the eclipse in 96% totality.  My  impression of the eclipse amazed me that the sun was still shining and sharing its light with only 4% being viewed albeit the light was similar to dusk.  But the sun is powerful and is designed to share its light unless it is blocked completely.  A small amount of sunlight can go a long way. Continue reading