I think what you meant to say is Daphne

In one of my posts last week, I described my talent of choosing celebrity doppelgangers for the regular folk.  And then, on my Facebook page I was put to the test.   Some of my FBF’s were curious for me to share my ability.  Against my better judgment I gave in and complied.  I couldn’t figure out why I was so apprehensive.  After all, doing something potentially mean spirited just for the sake of a few laughs has never stopped me before.  Then I remembered a few years ago when the role was reversed.  And I didn’t appreciate it one iota.

To begin with, the responsibility fell upon me to train my new boss.  Strike one out of the gate.

About a week into our arrangement I hovered over her computer monitor showing her something.

“You know who you are?” she asked.

The answer seemed a little too obvious so I cautiously asked “Who?”   After all, maybe she knew something I didn’t.  It would have been great if she said something along the lines of, “Your long lost uncle – the heir to the Lee in Lee jeans –hired me to find you.  I have been given the authority to transfer half his estate to you effective immediately.”  I wouldn’t have minded finding that out about me.

Instead, back in reality, she said, “You’re Velma.”

Um, what?  Is this Velma at all related to the Lee in Lee jeans?

“In Scooby Doo,” she continued.

Which one is Velma?  Wait, is she the….

“She’s the one that took care of things.  The smart one.”

The nerd.

Darn my readable face.  She knew I processed the information and could tell I was not happy with the data.

“That’s a compliment,” she reassured in a back pedaling type of way.

No, I know what a compliment sounds like.  “You’re pretty.”  “Hey, you’re aces, kid.”  “You’re just the most awesomest person ever.”  All acceptable compliments.  If you do choose to acknowledge someone’s smarts, don’t do it by comparing that person to a bossy nerd.

Actually, I don’t really know if Velma is bossy because I didn’t watch Scooby Doo a lot.  But what I do remember about it is I didn’t care for Velma very much.  I always saw myself more as a Daphne with a hot Fred by my side.

Image not only dashed but completely broken in a million pieces.

So no, it’s not always a good idea to find out who your celebrity doppelganger is.  Sometimes it’s a downright rude awakening.

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web


2 thoughts on “I think what you meant to say is Daphne

  1. It’s not so bad to be compared to Velma is it? 😉 At least she was the super smart one – pity she didn’t look hot too! Most of us probably believed we were Daphne (I know I did, and all my friends too) but in reality we were and probably still are smart reliable Velma! 🙂 But maybe it would be nice to have Daphne’s head and body, with the brains of Velma inside! But does that exist? 😀

  2. I’d like that combination! I know I shouldn’t have gotten so offended. It could have been worse, she could have said I was Shaggy!

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