How Not to Get to Know Someone

As a quiet person I understand how difficult it is to come up with conversation topics.  I have had my share of awkward ice-breaker attempts.  It’s not always pretty.  So, I don’t condemn the dental hygienist who failed at trying to put me at ease during my semi-annual appointment.  Why the harsh criticism? How can I judge someone who was doing her best a being friendly? Continue reading


Not-quite-Fit Bit

Let me start off by saying (again) all I want to do is walk.  Well, walk and get credit, so to speak, for walking.  In other words, I just want to measure my distance per walk and see how far I’ve gone and set goals about how far I want to go.  That’s all. In order to do this, I need a device to measure my distance.  Seems simple enough, or so I thought.  But nothing is really that simple, right?

Continue reading

Friday ramblings: Passion

I like to watch Nature on PBS.  There are so many dedicated people who have a passion for doing good and helping the world out.  In one program I watched different people help out orphaned animals.  Not the typical, cutesy animals that usually get all the attention either.  A sloth, a bat, and a kangaroo were all saved because three different people in three different locations worked to save these animals. Continue reading

Twitter Followers

I’m not suave about social media.  For me, it’s definitely a love-hate relationship with it all. I declare with loud voice how much I’d like to do away with it all but then I seem to be the first to like a status or post on Facebook.  Ugh.  Somehow I also ended up on Twitter so now I have two accounts that I feel the need to share on.  This is way too much sharing for one boring person.   Continue reading

5K dreams

I decided I wanted to walk a 5k this summer.  Truth be told, I really want a shirt showing that I walked a 5k.  The feat doesn’t matter if I don’t have the memento to prove it.  And yes, I’m keeping my expectation low enough so that I can accomplish it.  I am content to walk not run 3.10686 miles.   Continue reading