Pride and Prejudice…the next generation

I always claim that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel. That’s a pretty lofty claim since I read it once in my twenties. Let me paint a bigger picture for you. When I was younger, probably until I hit my forties, I’d have to describe myself as a romantic dreamer. I admit, I lived somewhere up in the clouds always waiting for my ship to come in. My prince to come. Because I was sure both would arrive. Probably together. [insert forehead hand slap here]. Let’s just say, the dreamer woke up. So, with my mature realistic (some would say cynical) view of life I was curious. Would Pride and Prejudice hold up without all that romantic idealism in the way? I decided to test it out and give it another read just to see. To be honest, I was nervous. If it failed what would take its place as my favorite? Here are a few of my thoughts on Pride and Prejudice 40’s edition.

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Be careful out there

In 2018, Steve Carell (The Office) starred in a movie called “Welcome to Marwen.”  It looked quirky and I like to think that I like quirky so I thought I’d watch it.  But it wasn’t a must see rather a “eh, maybe I’ll watch that sometime.”  The time came when it came to me via tv and there was absolutely nothing on.  It turns out, the movie is way past quirky.  In fact, it waves at quirky as it heads into surreal.  The thing takes it up a notch is it is, in fact, based on a true story.  A story that may make you watch the movie with squinted eyes and the question “is this for real” playing in a loop in your mind.   At least, that’s how I watched it. Part of it is not real, not real at all.  Part of it is a lesson on being deceived. Continue reading

Adventures with China Post

A couple weeks before Thanksgiving I decided I had better get into Christmas present buying mode.  Family was coming to town for the holiday and being the fiscally retentive (aka cheap) person that I am, I wanted to send them home with Christmas presents.  I’d finish Christmas early and forgo having to pay postage to send gifts (it costs 55 cents just to mail a regular letter!).  I successfully ordered all my presents and waited for them to come in.  I even splurged a little and ordered some Christmas presents from me to me because I sure have good taste.  I’d say it was just like Christmas with all the packages but it was, in fact, Christmas.   Also about this time I overheard my co-workers complaining about Amazon packages they had ordered that came via China Post.  Their orders were delayed because of the riots in China.  I heeded my eavesdropped knowledge and tried to avoid the same pitfall. Continue reading

If you insist on ruining my movie then I will do my best to salvage it: Groundhog Day

I like the movie Groundhog Day (1993).  It wasn’t an instant like for me but it grew on me with every watch.  I saw this Mental Floss article about it that showed the movie from Rita’s perspective.  Oh, why do you have to do this to me?  This is why I can’t like nice things.  No, there is no good reason Rita should fall in love with Phil when you edit the movie like that.  No good reason, but maybe I thought of a reason. Continue reading

One more to add

In this age of online presence, I have developed certain goals.  Besides the serious ones of never discovering my picture on naughty websites or having my identity stolen (why anyone would want to hide under this persona I’ll never know but I still don’t want it to happen) I have a few other goals more as a matter of pride.  I have discussed them before here.  In short, I am hoping I am never cringing at the people at Walmart photos and realize, “Wait a minute! Those pants look familiar.”  And look down in horror to see the same pair on me.  Or to have any of my photos appear on awkward family photos and be relegated to meme mockery.  No, thank you.  I now have a new fear to add to the list.  I don’t want to find any of my poems on a bad poetry website. Continue reading