My unwritten daily dos

I watched this motivational video about things a person should do every day.  Maybe I wasn’t in the mood to be motivated because I can only remember one thing, “Make your bed.”  I happen to make my bed every day so that could be why I remembered it.  “Check!”  I must be a successful person then, right? Continue reading


Twitter Followers

I’m not suave about social media.  For me, it’s definitely a love-hate relationship with it all. I declare with loud voice how much I’d like to do away with it all but then I seem to be the first to like a status or post on Facebook.  Ugh.  Somehow I also ended up on Twitter so now I have two accounts that I feel the need to share on.  This is way too much sharing for one boring person.   Continue reading

5K dreams

I decided I wanted to walk a 5k this summer.  Truth be told, I really want a shirt showing that I walked a 5k.  The feat doesn’t matter if I don’t have the memento to prove it.  And yes, I’m keeping my expectation low enough so that I can accomplish it.  I am content to walk not run 3.10686 miles.   Continue reading

As seen on TV (thank goodness only on tv)

It’s no secret I have wasted spent my fair share of time watching television.  In my younger days, I was a sucker for romance stories and watched a lot of clunkers that promised a spark of romantic chemistry between characters.  Now that I’m older, I have revisited or have attempted to revisit shows and movies I watched and loved as a youngster.  Many times I am left wondering ‘what was I thinking?’

Here are a few characters I watched and now I realize they are fun to watch but I would never want to meet in person. Continue reading