Little Things that Bug Me So…

Can I just mention I don’t understand a song fade?  What is the purpose?  Why can’t the song just end?  Are we to believe the song is still going on and on somewhere like a line in geometry?  No, it ends.  It ended in the studio it should end on the radio.  Are they covering up a goof? What?  Why?  It makes no sense. Continue reading


That time I saw death out for a walk

My apologies to whoever this gentleman is.  I am so sorry my train of thought labeled you as ‘death’ just because you happened to be wearing all black.  This is probably an example of bad timing for you and fortuitous timing for me.  The good news is you will never stumble upon this and say, “hey, wait a minute.  I’m not death.” Continue reading

Hmm, who or what approaches me?

I started walking in the local cemetery last summer.  For some it may seem odd but it is relaxing and peaceful usually.  I’m not the only one that walks the paths among the gravestones as I usually pass others walking.  Some ride bikes.  One operated his remote control car though I thought that might be pushing the disrespectful boundary a bit.  In his defense, he was driving it in the undeveloped back lot.  I always wonder if the others are residents of the cemetery or neighbors.  Then I wonder if I’m the resident and just don’t know it yet and I’m in a Sixth Sense plot. Continue reading

My scariest experience in a cemetery is not what it sounds like

It may sound odd, but one of my favorite places to walk is in our local cemetery.  I live right next door to it so it is convenient, plus it’s pretty, quiet, and the roads are paved and kept up fairly well.  During our snow-pocalypse this winter the small cemetery roads were the only paved roads nearby.  During the middle of summer, my walks tended to be in the evening.  Usually right before sunset.  I could get a good view of the sunset and enjoy some peaceful, reflecting time.   Except one Saturday in July changed all that.    Continue reading

More important matters…

You know that over/under debate that has been going on for years?

blog tp

For the record, the placement of the toilet paper is random and does not endorse or support a preference for over or under.  Just getting the roll ready for use.


This is so ridiculous!  When it comes to needing some toilet paper at the moment of requirement I don’t really care if it’s over or under.  This is such a silly thing to waste time on.

There are more important matters in life.

Such as avoiding using the ugly fork in the drawer.

blog fork

And eating Skittles the proper way.

blog skittles

I would never waste my time on the over/under utter silliness.

Oh yeah

Growing up I remember hearing the old people talk about the ‘good ol’ days.’  They were referring to a pre-ck time known as the 50’s and 60’s.  How sad that they couldn’t or wouldn’t move into modern times.  I would probably just call them old and out of touch in my head, roll my eyes, and tune out.  A vacant stare usually accompanied all this action. Continue reading