If you insist on ruining my movie then I will do my best to salvage it: Groundhog Day

I like the movie Groundhog Day (1993).  It wasn’t an instant like for me but it grew on me with every watch.  I saw this Mental Floss article about it that showed the movie from Rita’s perspective.  Oh, why do you have to do this to me?  This is why I can’t like nice things.  No, there is no good reason Rita should fall in love with Phil when you edit the movie like that.  No good reason, but maybe I thought of a reason. Continue reading

One more to add

In this age of online presence, I have developed certain goals.  Besides the serious ones of never discovering my picture on naughty websites or having my identity stolen (why anyone would want to hide under this persona I’ll never know but I still don’t want it to happen) I have a few other goals more as a matter of pride.  I have discussed them before here.  In short, I am hoping I am never cringing at the people at Walmart photos and realize, “Wait a minute! Those pants look familiar.”  And look down in horror to see the same pair on me.  Or to have any of my photos appear on awkward family photos and be relegated to meme mockery.  No, thank you.  I now have a new fear to add to the list.  I don’t want to find any of my poems on a bad poetry website. Continue reading

…and furthermore

To be considered a true Wyomingite you must have a dog.  Or cat.  But really a dog.  With the exception of me but in many ways I am a Wyomingite paradox.  But this isn’t really about me it’s about a particular dog on one of my walking routes.  Last fall I encountered this dog while on my walks and never took a picture.  This spring, or rather after the winter thaw, I again walked by this house and the dog did not disappoint me.  This time I took a picture as proof. Continue reading

Not-quite-Fit Bit

Let me start off by saying (again) all I want to do is walk.  Well, walk and get credit, so to speak, for walking.  In other words, I just want to measure my distance per walk and see how far I’ve gone and set goals about how far I want to go.  That’s all. In order to do this, I need a device to measure my distance.  Seems simple enough, or so I thought.  But nothing is really that simple, right?

Continue reading

Friday ramblings: Passion

I like to watch Nature on PBS.  There are so many dedicated people who have a passion for doing good and helping the world out.  In one program I watched different people help out orphaned animals.  Not the typical, cutesy animals that usually get all the attention either.  A sloth, a bat, and a kangaroo were all saved because three different people in three different locations worked to save these animals. Continue reading