Just missing one little thing

When I was a young girl, I watched Bill Cosby’s Himself comedy special. Maybe that was not the sentence I should have started with considering his fall from grace (which still hurts just a little bit that he turned out to be America’s favorite dad…with psychopathic tendencies. I digress. This isn’t really about him but about his job. He looked like he had so much fun on that stage telling stories that I wanted to do it as well. I wanted to stand on a stage and tell stories that made people laugh. Just to be clear, I only wanted to emulate the comedy part, not his secret double life thing. Except I wanted to do it better because he laughed at his own jokes. I would not. I would play it straight. I wanted to stand on a stage, tell jokes, make people laugh. That would be the perfect job.

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A Christmas to Remember 3

CHAPTER 3:  The Routine

            Mike looked out the passenger window quietly.  He hadn’t said a word since he got in the car.  But neither did Cara.  They rode in silence. 

            “Look,” Cara finally said as they took an exit off the interstate.  “There are some things you should know.”

            “What? Like the fact you are kidnapping me?” Mike asked derisively. 

            “Funny,” Cara said though her tone did not suggest amusement.  “You have three kids…”

            Mike winced.

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