The Silver Hair Robin Hoods

IV.                   The Wrap Up

I followed Deputy Marks back down the hall unsure of what the next step was going to be.  The thought of my grandma spending any time in jail sickened me.  I never claimed to know everything about my grandma but this whole revelation was way too much to absorb in one night or early morning. I felt like I didn’t know her at all.  Apparently, my drifter cousin Petey knew her better than me.  I just couldn’t process all this information. Continue reading

The Silver Hair Robin Hoods

III.                   The Rise of the Silver Hair Robin Hoods

“I never did ‘misplace’ anything again while your grandpa was alive.  After he died however…” she clicked her teeth, “well, that was a different story.

“After your grandpa died I was so angry with God. Angry that He had taken my daughter and her husband at such a young age and left you without parents.  Then He actually took away my husband.  My little rebellion was the only peace I could get.  It was as if I was saying, ‘you may have taken away my loves but I can take things, too.’ And I did. Continue reading

The Silver Hair Robin Hoods

II.                   The History

I walked into the Sheriff’s office and a tall deputy nodded at me.  “Mr. Horndecker, I  presume?”

I nodded.  “Deputy Marks?”

He nodded and straightened some papers by tapping them on the desk a couple of times causing a Lebron James bobble head to bob. “First things first, let me take you back to your grandma.” Continue reading

The Silver Hair Robin Hoods

I.                   The  Call

My phone buzzed on the nightstand.

I have it set to DO NOT DISTURB between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am every night  to eliminate telemarketer and occasional drunk caller rudeness.  If this call was getting through at 1:00am it indicated a second call within three minutes.  This was a deliberate attempt to reach me. Not a good sign. Continue reading