Enter the 8th deadly sin

I’m not sure when awkward became one of the big sins but it apparently is.  I don’t intend to be awkward it just happens naturally.  And then it grows. Continue reading

…and furthermore

To be considered a true Wyomingite you must have a dog.  Or cat.  But really a dog.  With the exception of me but in many ways I am a Wyomingite paradox.  But this isn’t really about me it’s about a particular dog on one of my walking routes.  Last fall I encountered this dog while on my walks and never took a picture.  This spring, or rather after the winter thaw, I again walked by this house and the dog did not disappoint me.  This time I took a picture as proof. Continue reading

Not-quite-Fit Bit

Let me start off by saying (again) all I want to do is walk.  Well, walk and get credit, so to speak, for walking.  In other words, I just want to measure my distance per walk and see how far I’ve gone and set goals about how far I want to go.  That’s all. In order to do this, I need a device to measure my distance.  Seems simple enough, or so I thought.  But nothing is really that simple, right?

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