Stirring the pot

She resented the fact

they had placed her in the middle.

She did not like it at all,

no how, not even a little.

“Do it my way,” he said,

“my way is really the best.”

“Do it my way,” she said,

“there is really no contest.”

What would you do

if you were caught in this ado?

She soon discovered

she could not please everyone.

So the devil came out

and convinced her to have some fun.

He whispered so softly,

“Tell her what he said, I mean, why not?

Then tell him her answer,

it won’t be hard to stir this pot!”

And the good Christian woman

listened to that tempting voice.

She stirred that pot

trying to create some loud noise.

But to her surprise

her plan more or less fell through.

And she was given

twice as much work to do!


It takes a devious soul

to become a big brat.

It takes a certain ability

and not everyone has that.

Next time reconsider

temptation and give it a second thought

and be careful when

you choose to stir that infamous pot.

© 2013 ck’s days


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