…so are the Days of Our Lives…

I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The other day I flipped through channels and there, there in front of me was John and Marlena!  Are they still around? I thought.  Surely, this is some kind of rerun.  Even though they are looking pretty…old.

I googled them and found out they are still around.  Two words describe my reaction that day: holy smokes!

Okay, I’m about to disclose something I’m not proud of.  I’ll share it but I’m going to ask that you withhold judgment from me.  I can’t change the past, it is what it is.  So, here goes my confession.  I used to be (gulp) a Days watcher.

To be exact, there were two periods in my life when I became familiar with the Salem residents.

The first time, I watched it with a friend.  We were in junior high and she was home by herself a lot.  When I’d go over to her house we’d watch it together.  I could only view it at her house because it wasn’t allowed in mine.  My mom didn’t believe in Soap Operas.

But when I was at my friend’s house, we watched it.  Bo and Hope.  I remember thinking it was “like real life.”  Ha!  Real life?  Oh dear.  I’m glad my life hasn’t turned out like those in Salem.  I couldn’t handle that much drama.

I was never a committed viewer that first go-round.  Basically, I watched it because my friend watched it.  I pretty much faked my enthusiasm for the whole thing and quickly fell out of the habit of watching it.

But then, years later when I was in college, I happened upon it again.  Something about it reeled me back in and I became a devoted fan for about a year or so.  If I remember right, I watched it daily until the storyline I was interested in faded out.  Thankfully, I realized how silly it all is (sorry to any Days fans still out there but you gotta admit – there are some pretty far-fetched plotlines).

When I saw John and Marlena was still an item and still struggling to make a go of it (oh, c’mon!  Seriously?!)  I thought I’d google them to see what I’ve missed the past 20 years.  It turns out, I’ve missed quite a bit.  There’s no way I can ever catch you up to speed so I thought I’d share the link so you can see for yourself.

I especially like how many times one of their deaths was a story line.   And I thought this represented real life?


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