As big as Wyoming

A boy met a girl

that’s how it did begin.

One smile from her,

and his heart was in.

He said to her,

“I think I love you.

Please, tell me now,

do you love me, too?

Girl, I’m in this –

I want to give you my name.

If I’m not alone,

tell me, do you feel the same?”

And he held his breath

waiting for her to say something…

She smiled and said,

“Boy, I’m from Wyoming,

so let me tell you

and make it perfectly clear

what you have

standing before you here.

You are my life

and you are now my world.

My heart belongs to you –

I am your Wyoming girl.

My love is as pure

as a Wyoming starry night.

It’s as powerful

as the Wyoming wind’s might.

It’s more faithful

than Yellowstone’s famed geyser.

It’s more beautiful

than Gannett Peak and much higher.

One look from you has the same power

to send me to the moon

like those girls on Devil’s Tower.

I’ll follow you

because you are my everything.

Do you get it, boy?

My love is as big as Wyoming.”

© 2013 ck’s days


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