You know who should play you in the movie of your life? I do.

I possess a particular talent, a bona fide ability really, of identifying a person’s celebrity doppelganger.  Every person has a celebrity twin out there somewhere.  You know, someone who could “play you” in the movie of your life.  I just have the knack of pointing it out.

However, I have learned (kinda the hard way) that most people don’t want to know about it.  The non-famous twin is rarely flattered when I share who his or her famous look-alike is.

Here are some examples.

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

A couple of roommates I knew years ago had untraditional doppelgangers.  One was a tall skinny kid with glasses.  The other was a shorter, stockier kid.  If they stood in the proper order, they looked like the number ten.  You get the idea.  I called them Timon and Pumbaa after the meerkat and warthog from the Lion King.  Other people appreciated my observation.  I don’t think Timon and Pumbaa did.  Probably not Pumbaa anyway.  I mean, who wants to be the guy find out he looks like a stinky hog?  Even if it is Disnitized (I just made up that word and I’m pretty proud of it).

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

I used to work with Heather Locklear. Let’s say, Locklear circa late 80’s.  My coworker never saw the resemblance.  Other co-workers could see it though especially when I pulled up a picture and we did a side by side comparison.  Oh, the crazy things you do at work instead of actually working.  A quick disclaimer:  this is before we knew the actual Heather Locklear has some issues.

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

When the all-female country group Dixie Chicks burst on the scene I told my friend she looked like the lead singer.  Yeah, a few outspoken comments later and I realize there is no comparison.  Sure, they have similar features but my friend has something Natalie Mains seems to lack.  Class.  So, again, that was an unfortunate association.

By the time this last example rolled around I had finally learned my lesson.  Um, sure why not?  So I didn’t tell another coworker that he looks like the PC guy in the “I’m a Mac,” and “I’m a PC,” commercials.  Nope, I refrained.  It took a lot of willpower, let me just tell you.

I did, however, ask a fellow co-worker if she could get our PC comrade to say, “And I’m a PC.”  She didn’t get the joke.  Her not-so-subtle method was to walk up to him and say, “CK wants you to say, ‘I’m a PC’.”  Not cool.

He didn’t appreciate the joke and still doesn’t care much for me.  But I still think his wife and him should have gone as the PC and Mac for Halloween.  How awesome would that have been?  As I always say, my humor is about a day early.   Or in this case, five years early.  Someday he’s going to be just about to drift to sleep and start to chuckle.  “Oh, that ck is clever!” he’ll acknowledge.  And then he’ll regret missing the chance for the best Halloween costume he ever could have donned.

Okay, probably not.

But that won’t stop me from finding a way to share my gift.  After all, we shouldn’t hide our talents, right?


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