So, You Had a Bad Day

I don’t believe in bad days.  True, there are some days when bad stuff happens – like a domino effect – that seem to overtake the day.  I attribute those bad days to low coping skills.  Nothing more, nothing less.

So, I had a bad, domino-effect, day.  The only thing I wanted to do all evening is hibernate in my little corner and pray my ship would come in.  Sooner rather than later.

What did I need for a fix-up, band-aid, balm?  A good laugh.

First, I watched Big Bang Theory.  I chuckled when the novice fisherman Howard – all decked out in his new fishing gear – finds out he looks silly.  “I wish I would have known that before I posted all those pictures of Facebook,” he replied.  This elicited a giggle.

Then my niece, Bubba, posted pictures on Facebook (the Facebook postings are just a coincidence – or are they?).  She finally posted pictures from our vacation to Yellowstone this summer.  There’s me on a horse – his name is WINSTON.

Photo by bossy trail guide lady

Photo by bossy trail guide lady

And there was the random foot hanging off the motorcycle.  I remembered our initial reaction to it.  Obviously, we thought it picture worthy because we have a picture of it.  To borrow the teen way of expressing humor – haha!

Photo by Bubba

Photo by Bubba

But then she posted her picture of her attending an Ugly Sweater Dance.  She was very excited about this dance.  When we went to our annual Day-After-Thanksgiving movie (pretty original name, eh?) she proudly sported a red sweatshirt with two huge Christmas bears (I can’t quite remember but I think the bears may have been necking).  It was a thrift store buy and she loves it!  She wears it even without an Ugly Sweater theme.  Her new thing is Christmas sweaters.

That made me LOL.

(sigh) Okay, I can wait for my ship to come in.  At least until Monday.

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