You won’t win

Remember this beauty tag line from the 80’s?

”I don’t intend to grow old gracefully. I intend to fight it every step of the way.”

Well, enough time has now passed and we can see the results of the fighters. It is safe to say, this is not a fight that anyone can win. Surrender now. We have seen the casualties of those soldiers who fought the war and it is not pretty.

I could show pictures of examples but that is not the intent of this post. It is not to discredit anyone’s sense of beauty. Besides, pictures are not needed. I’m sure at this point you are probably thinking of someone that has obviously had work done – too much work. Perhaps, like me you wonder why they chose to do that to themselves.

The examples I thought of were all beautiful women that didn’t actually need anything done. I wonder how beautiful they would be today if they grew old gracefully and did not fight aging every step of the way.

Growing older should be treated as an honor. Every wrinkle I gain is earned. Every scar a badge. They prove I lived. They tell my story. Why hush them up in some pursuit of a false sense of beauty?

It’s time we honor and respect growing old. Then perhaps, we won’t be tempted to fight a losing battle. Do not wage a losing war with aging. There is only one way to stop the process and it is not time for that. So embrace those wrinkles and perceived flaws. They are your story.

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