My one and only time with a genie

One day

I walked along the beach

head down

my dreams just out of reach.

When I

saw a little blue man

with his

head in his hands.

I said,

“Hey genie, will you help me?

I don’t

mean to sound greedy

but life

hasn’t played very fair

and I

am just looking for my share.

So please,

I’m asking you, little blue man,

to help

me out anyway that you can.”

He looked

at me with tears down his face

and said,

“I’m sorry, I’m a genie without a vase.

Some time

ago, I turned down an evil road,

Now I’m

sorry but guilt is a heavy load.

What’s more,

I’ve lost most of my magic power

and my

life is draining this very hour.

I still

have one wish left in me

I will

give you this last opportunity


I’ve changed and gone softer

I will

extend to you my very last offer:


you can be totally cool

liked by

all and considered a jewel

or I

can make you wicked smart

and your

wisdom you can impart.

So, do

choose most carefully

but you

also might want to hurry.

My light

is fading pretty darn fast.

My strength

is draining and will not last.”

“Hmmm,” I

sure hate making a choice

I tend

to let others have my voice.

This was

my one and only chance

to be

a real smarty pants.


I’ll say it right out loud.

But I’ve

never belonged to the cool crowd.

How would

it feel to have a warm embrace

just for

coming to the dance and showing my face?

So, did

I want to be the life of the party

or did

I want to be the local smarty?

I thought

and thought and thought some more


I decided what to vote for.

“I choose…”

I looked at the little blue man and said.


I finished he dropped over dead.

Too late

because I just had to stall

Dang me!

I didn’t get my wish after all.

But let

me ask for your suggestion –

how would

you have answered this particular question?

© 2013 ck’s days


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2 thoughts on “My one and only time with a genie

  1. In high school, I would have chosen the coolest person at the party. But today, I choose to be the biggest smarty!

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