The Brave Pawn

What?! You wanna piece of me?

What?! You wanna piece of me?

I am just a little pawn here

sitting on this game board called Chess

waiting to be moved, yeah, waiting

wanting to be thrown in that mess

of this game called Chess.

People call me unimportant

some may say expendable

but I respectfully disagree

I prefer dependable

please, don’t call me expendable.

I am the first line of defense

on the front line of attack

marching onward, ever onward,

with the big boys at my back

yeah, I’m the first line of attack.

I may be little but I’m bold

I’m the bravest on the board

without armor or protection

I either wait or move forward

those are my choices on this board.

Just today, my cohort and I

faced down a Bishop and a Rook

I didn’t shirk but stood true

Neither one of us was took

when we met a Bishop and a Rook.

Here’s the lesson of the story:

if you travel with your buddy

then perhaps you’ll be a winner

with a whole lot of bravery

and a strategically placed buddy.


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