Tiny Angels

For Sandy Hook

We listened in horror.

There was no making sense.

The pain one lost soul

causes with an act of violence.

Lives change in one moment –

one moment of the day.

Unspeakable loss –

there are no words to say.

Maybe we could find solace

and quiet the very many cries

if we could peek at the school before

it all began with our spiritual eyes.

Perhaps, among the students

and the teachers gathered there

another group  waited –

patiently waited with care.

Dressed in brilliant white robes

unseen by the likes of me or you

they were heavenly messengers –

volunteers with a job to do.

Some of them were probably anxious

for they knew what was to start.

They knew the children would be afraid

for they would have to part.

That heavenly host welcomed

twenty tender hearts that day.

And six brave heroes

they helped along the way.

Among the heavenly host

I’m sure there were familiar faces –

our loving friends and mothers

gone too soon from their places.

And I’m sure there were those

that we know have a special touch –

all our beloved grandmothers

we miss so very much.

And I like to imagine

my own dear mother there

and that makes missing her

a little easier to bear.

For all those families

who feel the loss and the hurt

I pray for you.  I pray for healing.

I pray for you to find some comfort.

All those tiny angels wait for you

and are now surrounded by love –

don’t worry, they are in good hands

in their new homes up above.


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