I’m fine. And you?

A regular reader of this little blog will know that a few years ago I hit a bit of a rough patch. Let me be clear, technically I was fine.  Physically I felt fine.  Nothing was wrong to the visible eye. My faith, though, was shaken; my future path uncertain.  When faith becomes so intertwined with one’s identity it becomes noticeable when that core loses its footing.  I couldn’t help it when my feelings and mood seeped into my blog posts.  So much so, I had faithful readers ask me about my well-being.  My foundation became shaky as I had to make a decision to stand or find a new foundation.  Let’s just say, things were up in the air a bit.  While I am still struggling a little I have continued on and tried to rebuild my foundation a bit more secure than before.  It is a process.  But that’s just a little background for the main point of this blog and that is this: you never know what struggle someone is fighting inside so be nice to people.  Seriously. Continue reading

Come, Follow Me observations and insights from the trenches

Over a year ago, I was called to serve as a Gospel Doctrine teacher for a ward in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is my second go-around in this calling as I taught this class for three years starting in 2006.  After teaching Gospel Doctrine I went into Young Women and had the opportunity to usher in the era of the Come, Follow Me for youth.  Once you teach using that format, you can’t really go back to the old style of gospel teaching.  So when I started my second round of Gospel Doctrine, I taught using the new format.  In January of this year, when the format for Sunday School changed to the Come, Follow Me lessons I was excited.  Don’t tell anyone but this is probably my favorite calling.  I love to teach.  I love the scriptures.  It’s a good combination for me.  While I have no other expertise than my love of this calling to write this post I thought I’d share a few observations I have noticed about Sunday School.  Keep in mind, this is only my opinion and since I really have nowhere else to share my thoughts, here we go. Continue reading

Our Responsibility to Our Young Women

by Gordon B. Hinckley

Recently, I was given an assignment.  While doing my homework I came across this article.  President Hinckley delivered these words when I was a young woman.  I wonder, how well have we followed this counsel?  How can I follow this admonition now that I am no longer a young woman but oversee that age group?


Road Trippin’ and Bondin’

Someday, I plan on writing a ‘how-to’ book for serving in the Young Women organization. I served in the ward Young Women presidency just over 4.5 years. That’s a drop in the bucket really. There are some women who have served in the Young Women organization for over 20 years.   Compared with them, I’d still be considered a rookie. A newbie. So what advice could I possibly have to offer?

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Why the Book of Mormon?

There’s a lot clamoring for attention in this world.  Especially this time of year.  Sometimes our lives are noisy and every one of us is busy, busy, busy.  We make commitments and overbook ourselves.  So why would I ask you to add one more thing to your plate?  What gives me the audacity to give you one more commitment?  Let me answer with a question.  Suppose you were having a birthday party with all your friends and family.  Halfway through the celebration, somebody brings out a huge cake with to-die-for frosting.  It is by far the most delicious cake you have ever tasted.  When you bite into it, little tiny angels start floating around your head while singing the hallelujah chorus.  It warms your whole body from the tip of your tiny toe to the top of your head.  Now, that’s good cake.  Are you going to share or are you going to let everyone just watch you eat?  Me?  I’m going to share my cake – let me explain why.

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