General Conference thoughts: Opening the Heavens for Help

First, we have the focus and the why. All we do and believe points to the living Jesus Christ. He is the head of this church. He is the sole purpose of our belief.

Then, we have an invitation to experiment upon the word. Herein we have Alma 32:27-43 in action. Did you participate?

  • What blessings did you see because of the fast?
  • How did the fast nourish your seed?
  • Why is it important to remember we worship the living Christ?
  • How have you made the living Christ central in your faith?
  • What is your testimony of Jesus Christ?
  • What is your testimony of fasting?
  • What is your testimony of living prophets?
  • How do you follow the prophet?

Opening the Heavens for Help by President Russell M. Nelson

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