General Conference thoughts: Try, Try, Try

by President Henry B. Eyring

Enduring is such an ugly sounding word.  The name evokes images of white knuckles, exhaustion, and thoroughly being spent.  Just thinking of it makes me feel tired and worn out. Continue reading


General Conference thoughts: The Correct Name of the Church

President Russell M.  Nelson

I remember years ago when we were reminded of this counsel.  The correct name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints not the Mormon Church.  I went to work and wouldn’t you know, the subject of worship came up.  I timidly used the full name and my coworker said, “Oh, so you’re a Mormon?” Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Sisters’ Participation in the Gathering of Israel

by President Russell M. Nelson

There were two take aways for me from this talk.  First of all, how cute was President Nelson’s reaction to his story of his blunder at the beginning?

Second, of course, were the four invitations.  I heard the invitations and just like everyone else that heard them I had to decide whether to accept them and follow through or not. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Women and Gospel Learning in the Home and Parents and Children

by President Henry B. Eyring

and President Dallin H. Oaks

Due to space and time, I’m combining President Erying’s and President Oaks’ talk into one post.  But that’s okay, they go together pretty well.  President Oaks addressed the young women of the church and if I was still a young women leader I’d be taking the opportunity to share it with them.  His counsel though, applies to young women of all ages – even those of us with gray hair. Continue reading