General Conference thoughts: Taking Upon Ourselves the Name of Jesus Christ

by Elder Robert C. Gay

The cause of Christian is not for the faint of heart.  There are mockers and scorners all around willing and able to point a finger and raise a voice in hearty laughter at someone’s expense.  And what better victim than someone who is trying to see good and beauty in others?

It is no easy cause to attempt to model ourselves after the Son of God.  To see as He sees, to do as He does, and then to trust in Him.  My own thoughts have wandered down the path of “but everyone else seems to be so much happier so why am I even trying to live this way?”  That’s when I need to self-evaluate and ask if I actually trust Him.  Do I trust His words?  Do I trust in Him?

If I do then I can hold onto my hope of better days to come.

Taking Upon Ourselves the Name of Jesus Christ

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