General Conference thoughts: The Correct Name of the Church

President Russell M.  Nelson

I remember years ago when we were reminded of this counsel.  The correct name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints not the Mormon Church.  I went to work and wouldn’t you know, the subject of worship came up.  I timidly used the full name and my coworker said, “Oh, so you’re a Mormon?”

President Nelson doesn’t expect all the world to call the church by its correct name.  After all, the nickname “Mormon” came from those outside the church.  But he does want us church members to use the correct name.

It’s been interesting to see how much people have taken notice of this counsel this time around.  Is it because it came from directly from the prophet?

Yes, I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Yes, I try to follow the teachings of Christ.  Yes, I know it is only through Jesus Christ that I can be saved.  Yes, I worship God the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ.  Yes, I call myself a Christian.  Yes, I belong to a Christian church.

The Correct Name of the Church

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