General Conference thoughts: The Savior’s Touch

Years ago, in an institute class, the teacher made a comparison I still remember to this day. In the 1982 movie, The Man From Snowy River, there is a dramatic scene of a cowboy riding his horse down the side of a mountain. Even for someone unfamiliar with horse back riding I can tell it is quite the feat. The teacher pointed out the reason the cowboy could do this ludicrous act is because the horse had been broken. The horse trusted the rider even when the rider spurred him to do something impossible.

So it is with us. When we are broken we may be in the right position to do the impossible for the Savior. We need to learn to submit our will to the the Lord’s whose view is much better than ours. Do we trust the Savior?

It might help to sit down and spend a few minutes thinking and recording of ways the Savior has healed us in our infirmities.

The Savior’s Touch by Walter F. Gonzalez

The Man From Snow River scene

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