As for me, I believe there’s a heaven

You probably remember this as well as I do. At the start of the United State’s lockdown to “flatten the curve” when we all started quarantining in our homes a few celebrities put out a video of them singing John Lennon’s Imagine. While the song has a pretty tune, it did not bring me any comfort. No offense to any Lennon fans out there but imagining “there’s no heaven” is not a comforting thought. Especially at the beginning of my first pandemic. For me, it is actually a depressing thought.

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General Conference thoughts: Take Up Our Cross

To demonstrate a visual of this talk you’re going to need some rocks. Or books. Ask a volunteer to come to the front of the room and ask what are some things that worry everyone during a given day. With each answer, give the volunteer a rock (or book) to hold until she can’t hold anything else. Then ask her if she’d be comfortable holding all that in that spot for the rest of the lesson. Unless she is being mischievous, she will decline. Continue reading