General Conference thoughts: Take Up Our Cross

To demonstrate a visual of this talk you’re going to need some rocks. Or books. Ask a volunteer to come to the front of the room and ask what are some things that worry everyone during a given day. With each answer, give the volunteer a rock (or book) to hold until she can’t hold anything else. Then ask her if she’d be comfortable holding all that in that spot for the rest of the lesson. Unless she is being mischievous, she will decline. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: The Savior’s Touch

Years ago, in an institute class, the teacher made a comparison I still remember to this day. In the 1982 movie, The Man From Snowy River, there is a dramatic scene of a cowboy riding his horse down the side of a mountain. Even for someone unfamiliar with horse back riding I can tell it is quite the feat. The teacher pointed out the reason the cowboy could do this ludicrous act is because the horse had been broken. The horse trusted the rider even when the rider spurred him to do something impossible. Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Finding Joy in Sharing the Gospel and Knowing, Loving, and Growing

I don’t know about you but missionary work is a topic I don’t like to discuss. It’s one of those that when the word is mentioned in class I try not to make eye contact. Let’s just say, there is plenty room for improvement in my life. So, I have a tough time making a connection with this topic because my feelings of guilt thump loud in my ears. But here’s the thing, we make it more difficult than it needs to be. Continue reading