Missing those TV show theme songs

Why did we get rid of theme songs for television shows?  Who had that genius idea? I used to watch the opening montage during the season premier just to see the changes.  It was good times.  Sometimes it was the best part.  Does anyone else miss it?  

I mean c’mon.  Who can forget these gems?

The whole life and death of this series occurred before I was even born but I still know about the 3 hour tour.


This one ended its initial run when I was two years old yet I can sing this whole thing.  I don’t memorize things but this is stuck somewhere in my head.  It will never come out.


This was just fun to watch every Saturday night to see who was guest starring that night.  And try to match up the couples who were going to hook up.


This one taught me that you take the good, you take the bad, and there you have the facts of life.


Before we knew he was a sleaze, Mr. Cosby was on top of his game.  Every season brought a new dance.  Some were weird.  Some worked.  It was always fun to see the new opener.



And how about this one that is still sung to the lonely?



This one even hit the radio.  You can’t get more ’90’s than the theme song for Friends.



And this is the one that started this whole train of thought.  Psych is now on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel and sometimes I watch it.  When I do, I still dance to the theme song.

Honorable mentions:

Family Ties & Growing Pains (which has melded into one for me)

The Jeffersons

The Addams Family

The Golden Girls


Really,  I could keep going with this.  Which ones do you miss?

One thought on “Missing those TV show theme songs

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! I miss Who’s the Boss, Flintstones, The Nanny, Blossom, Full House, Charles in Charge, basically all the theme songs!🤓

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