As seen on TV (thank goodness only on tv)

It’s no secret I have wasted spent my fair share of time watching television.  In my younger days, I was a sucker for romance stories and watched a lot of clunkers that promised a spark of romantic chemistry between characters.  Now that I’m older, I have revisited or have attempted to revisit shows and movies I watched and loved as a youngster.  Many times I am left wondering ‘what was I thinking?’

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Just find Shawn and Gus

I think I could start a blog just about dreams.  Referring to literal dreams at night.  I’ve had some odd ones.  If you promise not to try and interpret and tell me the symbolism I’ll share another one.

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

A quick preface first.  I used to watch the television show Psych when it was on Friday nights.  When it switched to Wednesday nights though, I couldn’t make the switch with it.  Here in my time zone it comes on 11:00 at night.  On a Wednesday.   I’m too old to stay up and watch it.  I mean, I can’t get to work on time as it is.

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