General Conference thoughts: That Your Joy Might Be Full and Exceeding Great and Precious Promises

by Sister Jean B. Bingham and Elder David A. Bednar

Another combination of talks.  The reason I combined these two talks is for the simple reason they give us a formula to find peace. In our day of commotion, peace is still a gift offered and here are a couple of practical solutions to find it.

First, seek Christ.  This involves all aspects of coming to Christ.  Learn about Him (you can’t draw close to Him if you don’t know who He is).  Have faith in His word (you can learn about Him all you want but you have to trust in His word and apply it).  Emulate Christ (He is worth patterning our lives after).  Sister Bingham explains that the way to joy and peace – even in this life – is to draw near to the Prince of Peace.

Second, seek sacred time and place.  Elder Bednar shares insights on how keeping the Sabbath Day holy and making time to attend the temple helps us carve out peace our lives.  But as we follow this pattern and apply these two principles in our homes then our homes actually can become peaceful sanctuaries amidst the whirlwinds of the world.

When we combine the two talks together then we have a step by step formula for finding peace.  We keep the Sabbath Day holy, we attend the temple, we ensure our homes are places the Spirit is welcome and make time to let the Spirit be a guest, and what better way to do the first three steps then to draw closer to Christ by studying His life and word and applying His teachings.

In short, peace is possible but it is a goal we must work toward.

That Your Joy Might Be Full

Exceeding Great and Precious Promises

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