The truth of the matter…

I don’t have favorite people. Sure, there are some people I would rather spend more time with than others. There are some people who have traits and mannerisms that fall below my personal standard of annoyance. I’m not a snob. We all have an unspoken standard we measure people with. If a person happens to fall short of our measurement we fault them with a personality defect. What we are really saying though is that they didn’t meet our standard of non-annoyance. It’s true. In the back of our mind we are always judging others to see if they “make the cut.” So, no I don’t have favorites but I do have people who are a constant in my life.

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As seen on TV (thank goodness only on tv)

It’s no secret I have wasted spent my fair share of time watching television.  In my younger days, I was a sucker for romance stories and watched a lot of clunkers that promised a spark of romantic chemistry between characters.  Now that I’m older, I have revisited or have attempted to revisit shows and movies I watched and loved as a youngster.  Many times I am left wondering ‘what was I thinking?’

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guest blogger

by Marilyn D. Lee

Friendship is something that doesn’t grow overnight.

It’s something you must work on with all your might.

A friend is someone to share good and bad times with,

a person who is real and not a story or myth.

To be able to have a friend to share God with,

is the greatest treasure there is on earth or in heaven.

My friendship for you has grown seven times seven.

If you need me at any time, don’t hesitate to give me a call.

I’ll be by your side without any excuses or a stall.

Remember your friend loves you very much.

Please remember this old funny such and such.

© 2014 ck’s days

The art of conversation

Is the art of conversation becoming lost?

I’m not talking about that tricky talent of communication.  This isn’t one of those discussions to help us communicate more effectively.  I’m still trying to learn that myself.

No, I’m referring to conversation.  Small talk, big talk, just talk in general.  Let’s put aside the common liability of modern technology.  I think most of us can agree we are all doing a pretty decent job of killing the English language one text and Facebook status at a time.  Or maybe it’s our competitive mindset that we have to win everything.  Even a simple conversation.   Whatever it is, real and true conversations are beginning to be hard to come by.

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On Your Side

So you had a bad day

but it’s kind of hard to tell

your life is a string of bad days

nothing ever works out well.

And throwing in the towel

is something you will never do

you just keep going and trying

someday it will turn around for you.

There are those who make fun

and just don’t understand

they knock you down

instead of lending a helping hand.

As you pick yourself up from the fall

let me tell you if it helps at all –

I’m on your side.

I am on your side.

I am


your side.

Bad luck follows you,

it finds you day and night

and you just can’t seem

to do anything right.

No matter how hard

or how often you try

it’s not good enough

and so you’re left to cry.

You often wonder if

you’re here on your own

and no one, no no one,

wants to face this world alone.

I’m pulling for you to win

to rise above the din.

I’m on your side.

I am on your side.

I am


your side.

We may never meet

but believe that

even if you

can’t see that

I’m on your side.

I am on your side.

I am


your side.

© 2013 ck’s days


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