More important matters…

You know that over/under debate that has been going on for years?

blog tp

For the record, the placement of the toilet paper is random and does not endorse or support a preference for over or under.  Just getting the roll ready for use.


This is so ridiculous!  When it comes to needing some toilet paper at the moment of requirement I don’t really care if it’s over or under.  This is such a silly thing to waste time on.

There are more important matters in life.

Such as avoiding using the ugly fork in the drawer.

blog fork

And eating Skittles the proper way.

blog skittles

I would never waste my time on the over/under utter silliness.

4 thoughts on “More important matters…

  1. I agree. The toilet paper holder broke in our bathroom and we just set the roll on a counter in reach. I do avoid the ugly cup in the cupboard.

  2. Avoiding ugly dishes is a totally legit thing. Why don’t we hear more about that instead of the over/under debate?😂 My fellow oddball!

  3. I’ve never paid attention to it but I’ve heard about it. However, the fork thing is a true story. I try to keep it on the bottom of the drawer so that it doesn’t get used. Why don’t I just get rid of it? I can’t throw away a perfectly good fork! Yet, I don’t care how the toilet paper goes on…

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