More important matters…

You know that over/under debate that has been going on for years?

blog tp

For the record, the placement of the toilet paper is random and does not endorse or support a preference for over or under.  Just getting the roll ready for use.


This is so ridiculous!  When it comes to needing some toilet paper at the moment of requirement I don’t really care if it’s over or under.  This is such a silly thing to waste time on.

There are more important matters in life.

Such as avoiding using the ugly fork in the drawer.

blog fork

And eating Skittles the proper way.

blog skittles

I would never waste my time on the over/under utter silliness.


so there might be a chance I exhibit some OCD tendencies

March 24, 2012 I reached my all-time high visits to my website.  Which is cool.  It really is. 

The only trouble is it’s a number that ends in 9.  Nine?  Really? Not that I’m not appreciative of the views, because I am, it’s just if it’s going to be my all-time highest viewed day, I wish I would have gotten just one more to make it a lovely, whole number.  Ah, then I wouldn’t mind seeing that number every day telling me – this is as good as it’s going to get. 

Every day I watch my stats and hope for that number + one just so that my all-time highest achievable number looks…pretty.

(sigh) I’m not crazy.  I’m sure a lot of you would agree with me on this, right?  I hope none of the nines are offended.  You’re just not that cool.  Okay, maybe I’m a little crazy.

You Say OCD, I Say Quirky

My mom enjoyed playing Solitaire on the computer.  She spent a lot of time playing game after game.  After she became so sick that she couldn’t sit at the computer anymore, I bought her a little handheld Solitaire game.  The screen was smaller and only displayed in monochrome.  She refused to play it.   I learned how to play it so I could show her how easy it was play.  She chose not to learn.

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