The Legend of Rosa and Cantrell

In a time not so long ago,

this story isn’t pretty

in a place called Sin City

because it felt like the wild west.


This place was ruled by night

so they called in a man

to help clean up the land

and help good citizens rest.


He came to do a job

Cantrell was his name

quick draw was his game.

He agreed to clean up the town.


A man named Rosa came

to work undercover

trying to discover

the corruptness he found.


The two worked side by side

they were on the same team

or so it would seem

until one night that became legend.


Four men sat in a car

one shot rang out

the truth in doubt

a local folktale destined.


Michael Rosa is dead, dead,

shot by Quick Draw Cantrell.

No one can really tell

what really happened in that car.


One man cannot speak his tale

the other one lived in hell.

The legend of Rosa and Cantrell

echoes through the ages near and far.

© 2017 ck’s days

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