Singing in the Rain

It’s no secret I’ve had a rough go this year.  For some reason, this year decided to let me know of all my flaws and weaknesses. I get it, I’m not perfect.

But I’m tired of the drama.  The other day I heard this song by Simple Plan.

I decided right then and there to declare this as my new anthem.  “Take that 2016!”  I said.  “You ain’t going to get to me anymore.” I felt positive and empowered.  “Ha! No more, I draw the line now.”

I pulled into my garage when I got home and grabbed my fast food order from the passenger seat so that I could carry  it into the house.  Immediately stepping out of my car I dropped my fries on the garage floor. I watched the fry grease mix with the car grease on the floor and decided it probably wasn’t worth eating them.

2016 answered back – “yeah, good luck with that anthem.”


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