This Time of Year

There is something,
something in the air.
It comes this time of year,
it can be felt everywhere.

Some call it magic
and give Santa the credit
but they do not understand.
No, they just do not get it.

That feeling they feel
is the hope of everlasting love.
A precious gift like that
can only come from above.

They do not have to believe –
they can even try and fight it
but that hope and that love
is there, even for those who deny it.

That Christmas love:
can heal a broken heart,
bring forgiveness and peace,
and create a desire for a fresh start.

That feeling even paused a war.
I doubt magic’s best game
could accomplish such a feat
in good ole Santa’s name.

Call it magic if you will
but whenever I hear it,
I will give a wink and a nod
and recognize the true Christmas Spirit.

© 2014 ck’s days

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