The Righteous Judge

by Elder Lynn G. Robbins

Below is the link to the General Conference talk by Elder Robbins. Between the link and here I share a few of my personal thoughts on the subject.

It’s a tricky subject this one.  Judging is something we do.  It’s a natural by-product of knowledge I suppose.  When we know better and we are trying to live a certain way we notice when other people aren’t.

It takes a special kind of person to look past our oughts and recognize our ares.   The compassion can’t be condescending because we notice when someone is ‘stooping’ to our level.  It needs to be face to face.  And that is no easy feat.  I think it’s a talent.  A much needed talent this world desperately needs.

The Righteous Judge

Just Give Me a Reason

I really like the song Just Give Me a Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess.

Personally, I like the imagery of “We’re not broken just bent” and the one sided lost love (or is it one sided?).  However, as I listened to it I thought that line could also apply to a penitent soul coming to that crux of a changed heart.

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