Christmas Movies

I finished my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. The candy is done and dipped. My meetings are paused till next month. All so that I can sit back, relax and enjoy the Christmas season.

How does one enjoy the season exactly when there is nothing left to do?

Watch a movie?

If you have seen one Christmas movie you have seen them all. Don’t believe me?

The five plots of yuletide cinema:

picture from the web

picture from the web

1. Redemption. This is a popular theme. Ebenezer Scrooge set the precedent and his emerald animated counterpart the Grinch.  But George Bailey also falls in line with this crowd because he learns he really did have a wonderful life.

image from the web

image from the web

2. Falling in love or losing love. See any Hallmark Movie Channel movie.

picture from the web

picture from the web

3. Santa and his kin. The trouble I have with this theme is if Santa really does exist why don’t we all know? I mean, if he exists, wouldn’t he be, you know, doing his job and delivering presents? And if he did his job, why would anyone doubt? See Miracle on 34th Street – classic and new classic versions; The Santa Clause trilogy.

picture from the web

picture from the web

4. Angels save the day. “Look daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel get its wings.” Need I say more?

picture from the web

picture from the web

5. Animals are involved. Usually cute ones with the goal to make the audience say, ‘Awww,” in unison. See Christmas Buddies.  Although to be honest, I haven’t.

Actually, if you want to get right down to it, every Christmas movie worth watching is about love.  That is the main theme because that is the feeling people want to feel during the season.  Love of others, love of self, love of God.  It all comes down to love.

Here is a sweet little movie that will only take a half an hour of your time to watch. The perk is it features on of the most beloved actors of all time – Jimmy Stewart.



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