Peace in Christ

This Easter weekend, while the world is seemingly descending in turmoil I want to share the hopeful message that peace is still available. Not in an abstract but in a very real sense. Peace is still offered and it comes through the source of peace. The message of the Easter season is available through the King of Peace. The tomb was empty. He lives! Jesus Christ lives! And because He lives you can have peace today.

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Debunking the too busy myth

Recently, I looked up quotes about being “too busy” on the internet.  That flimsy excuse is a pet peeve of mine and makes me roll my eyes when I hear it.  Of course, there are many thoughts on the subject but one that caught my attention was “Nobody is too busy, it’s just a matter of priorities.”  I wish I could share the attribution but that seems to be in debate.  It’s one of those nuggets of wisdom that has been ripped off and re-quoted in many a meme until the original quote has been lost in the shuffle. It is not my quote but I do share the sentiment.  With the New Year’s start only days away it’s a good time to remember we make time for the things we want to make time for. Continue reading