What’s your story?

Sometimes when I’m driving and I see a pedestrian I wonder what his or her story is. Not every time. Someone walking down the sidewalk does not catch my interest. A swisher jogging with headphones in her ears I choose to ignore. A young father doing yard work? Not even a blip on my radar. It takes more than that to even catch my eye.

For example, I see a hapless soul pushing a lawn mower over a gravely section of road and I take notice. Especially when he is pushing his mower in the opposite direction of the nearest grass and gas. Sir, I’d like to ask, why are you pushing your lawn mower here? Where are you going? It makes sense you are pushing your lawn mower home after filling it up with gas. But I wonder, based on the direction you are pushing it, why you didn’t take it to a gas station a little closer to home? You have a long stretch of gravel in front of you. And if you didn’t look so shifty, I’d offer to help you out and give you a ride. Because everyone needs a friend. Especially someone who chooses to push his lawn mower the long way.

Maybe there is no story here. But I will never know.

Or how about the guy carrying a red gas can? I didn’t really notice him as he jogged across the street. It was a busy street and my town is not exactly pedestrian friendly. So run, friend, run. However, he caught my eye when he walked to the corner as if waiting for the light. With a gas station right behind him. There’s not much to do while sitting at a red light so my focus turned to him.

Is he heading back to his car? It is possible that he filled up his gas can at the station kitty-corner.

Nope, he back tracks and heads where I thought he needed to go. To the gas station right behind him.

He never really made it to the gas station while I was watching. Instead, he appeared rather fidgety and flighty. He kept pacing back and forth. Dude, I’m a cheapie myself but if I were carrying a gas can I think I’d forgo the hunt for the best deal and settle for convenience. That’s just me.

Unfortunately, the light turned green so I didn’t get to see the outcome.

Another unfinished story to wonder about for the evening.

2 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. An interesting glimpse of life! I get to see a lot unfinished stories from my front bedroom window, it’s quite a large window and overlooks a busy road. It’s intriguing what I see sometimes, but never have a clue what those moments are about. 🙂

  2. Sometimes is like to follow the interesting ones. But then that would be way too creepy. So, I guess I’ll just never know the why’s or the endings 🙂

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