The Apple That Wanted to be a Strawberry

The apple high in the apple tree

was always looking down –

way down, even past the green leaves

all the way to the ground.

It watched the strawberry plant below

and those who paused their haste –

to take handfuls of the red berry

and enjoy the sweet taste.

“Everybody likes strawberries.

I wish I were one,” it moaned.

“Better than a silly old apple,”

it pouted and groaned.


It noticed a bird perched nearby

and asked, “will you help me?”

The bird had nothing better to do

and it set the apple free.

The apple’s fall was not pleasant

as it bumped and thumped down –

till it rested by the strawberry plant

with bruises all around.

“Now, someone will think I’m a tasty strawberry

and enjoy me today.”

But the farmer said, “Now there can’t be any pie,”

And threw the apple away.


If the apple would have been an apple

instead of wanting to be something it was not –

perhaps it would have been happier

and fulfil its purpose and not be left to rot.

If you choose to compare yourself and

wish you were someone new –

remember, there is a job that can

only be done by you.

And who knows, but it’s possible,

that the one you compare yourself to –

may just be wishing deep down

that she was just like you!


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