Think of Me

lonely graveWe’re not made to live forever

yes, we know that to be true.

So let me ask a favor

a small request of you –

When the shadows come to claim me

and it’s my time to part

let me live as a memory

inside of your heart.

Think of me –

from time to time and now and then.

Think of me –

and place some flowers by my name.

Think of me –

don’t let my dash be forgotten.

Think of me –

when you dance in the rain.

Think of me –

when a summer breeze messes your hair.

Think of me –

when you laugh at a corny pun.

Think of me –

but don’t be sad I’m not there

because see –

I lived until my job was done

so don’t be sad when I’m gone.

I will continue to be –

my spirit will live on.

Please, just think of me.

© 2013 ck’s days

Originally posted March 19, 2013


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