Under the warmth of the sun

How did I get here?

How did I get in this mess?

Breathing musty air

and surrounded by darkness.


It was a choice

I made and a step I took.

An adventure –

and I just wanted to look.


But now I’m here

so far from home, so far from home,

and I don’t  want to be

in the dark alone, on my own.

I’m so tired

and I don’t want to roam


How do I get back home?


I stopped in my tracks

the first step was the hardest –

I turned around

put my back to the darkest.


I made the choice

to look for sunlight.

The path I was on

wasn’t for me – it wasn’t right.


Until at last

I saw sunlight, felt the sun

I’m where I want to be.

I don’t want to run, I am done.

I can rest

and stay in this direction

heading home

under the warmth of the sun.


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2 thoughts on “Under the warmth of the sun

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