Goat Got Your Laugh?

I have a friend who sent me this link on my Facebook wall.  This particular friend and I only share things to get a laugh out of each other.  I don’t know about her but I find it a pleasant game.  After all, it’s never our goal to make each other cry.  So, I knew going in that it was going to be silly.  That, and the title.  The words Taylor Swift and goat in one sentence hinted at jovial amusement.

Oh shucks! Sometime between me preparing this post and it posting the video has been removed. Let me sum up – it had a goat hollering in a panicked, human tone. So creepy it makes you laugh type of thing – trust me.

But then I started thinking.  Is this really what a goat sounds like?  Now, I know I’m a Wyoming girl so most of you might think I should be an expert on this.  I’m not.  My ancestors had the good sense to move away from the goats and into town.  At least, the important ancestors.

I may live in a small town but I live in a town – without for the most part farm animals.  Including goats.  In the spirit of full disclosure, my mom’s cousins lived on a ranch.  So yes, I have been to a ranch.  And yes, I’ve even seen a lamb being born.  May I just say, gross! That is a memory I wish I could forget.

The point of all this rambling is, I don’t know much about goats.  From what I hear, they are a bit wily a la Three Billy Goats Gruff.  But I admit that may not be an accurate portrayal.

So I ask my question again, is this video for real?  Is this how goats really sound?  First, take away the song.  Next suppose one is just wandering in a happy meadow having a Hills Are Alive With Music moment.  Then a goat sneaks up behind said person – because as we just discussed goats are a wily bunch.  And suddenly, that unearthly, freaky, devilish sound comes out.

Let’s just say, it would scare the patootsies out of me.  And as I’ve said before, I prefer my patootsies inside – not out.

I couldn’t wait for an answer.  I googled it myself and found this.

What have we learned here class?  I don’t know about you but I learned that if I live my entire life without an association of a goat – I’d be okay with that.   Oh, and also the hidden little talent that goats make decent back-up singers.

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