Behind Nicole’s Eyes

In a world that can hold so much fright,
I feel all I can do is hold on tight.
I never knew what hope could do,
Till I looked Behind Nicole’s Eyes.
When my soul was a little gray,
I looked outside and saw a dark day.
I felt no hope till I looked down,
And the answer I found,

Behind Nicole’s Eyes,
Beats the rhythm of her song.
Behind Nicole’s Eyes,
Is the hope of a new dawn.
And when I try to dream,
What the world can be
The answer screams
And I realize,
Our hope lies,
Behind Nicole’s Eyes.

They have been known to hold fire and heart,
Sometimes a world apart.
Usually filled with hope and fun
And as always the magic’s done,
Behind Nicole’s Eyes.

When I’m feeling I can’t go on,
I look for the rhythm of Nicole’s song,
Behind Nicole’s Eyes.


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