A Poem by Tomie

I have to explain today’s silly verse.  It was actually written by my grandma – Margaret Thomasine Sneddon – who went by Tomie [sic] (1924-1966).  Isn’t that a cool nickname?  I love it.  My grandma died 7 years before I was born.  So all I have to get to know her are pictures and a few poems my mom gathered.  I am sharing my favorite poem of hers.  I think her and I would have shared many laughs together if given the chance.  And now I know, I come by my dorkiness honestly.

26In her defense, this was written after one of her legendary costume parties.  She’s the cave person on the right.  If I remember the story correctly, this is the costume that inspired this poem.  I hope you enjoy it.

The last time I saw Tomie

she was in quite a stew.

For to her eyebrows

she had stuck airplane glue.

All night she did work –

to get them off she did try.

The big dumb jerk

how she did cry.

She used lighter fluid and

polish remover.

Maybe she’ll learn not to be

a goofer.

Maybe she has learned a lesson

but I doubt it very much.

Cause I’m guessin’

she’d do it again, the old such and such.

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