Thanksgiving is Pretty Swell if you think about it

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Yeah, that’s right; the holiday that’s being steamrolled by that certain day in December is actually tops in my book.  You might be wondering why.  I doubt you actually are speculating but I’m going to tell you anyway.  Here are the top three reasons I dig Thanksgiving.

1)      The expectations are low.  No presents, secrets, or bribery to be good, no begging for handouts, dressing up, or watching creepy, spooky movies (because I’m not into creepy, spooky movies).  Nope.  The only requirement is to feast.  Come and eat!  True, the meal needs to be prepared and that is no easy feat.  But after the preparation comes the reward.  Sitting around a table with family (and/or loved ones) eating, storytelling (the same old stories told at every family gathering), laughing (hopefully with each other but sometimes at each other because it is family), and being warm and cozy when it’s cold outside (usually applicable in Wyoming).  Pretty low-key compared to the other two days that make up this holiday-sandwich (holiwich?).

2)      Thanksgiving is the anticipation holiday.  Or it used to be.  It is unfortunate that it is sandwiched between the ever increasing-in-popularity Halloween and the heavyweight Christmas.  But for me, the holiday season doesn’t officially start until the fat man in the red suit makes his jaunt down the road in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  On Thanksgiving.  Hear that Hallmark Channel?  That is when the anticipation of the whole holiday season can begin.  Sometimes the anticipation is better than the actual event.  I’m pretty consistent in this sentiment.  My favorite time of the week is Friday at 5:00.  That’s because I have the whole weekend to look forward to. Thanksgiving is the official kick-off to the season where a lot of people try a little harder to feel a little more love.  Sure, the cynics are out there busy being scrooges.  And, pardon me but I have to say it, bah-humbug on them.  There is also a general feeling in the air where a lot of people want to try a little harder to feel peace.  Until they go shopping.  Nothing kills the spirit of the season quicker than retail.

3)      Sorry, I’m about to get uncharacteristically sappy here.  But this is a day to put things in perspective and just be thankful.  A day set aside in which we are reminded to be grateful for what we have.  And hopefully, everyone can find something to give thanks for.  It is ironic that it is closely followed by the day in which the marketing geniuses target greed.  But for a few hours on Thanksgiving, I for one like to give thanks.  Thanks to the good parents that raised me.  Thanks to all the family that still claims me.  Thanks for everything my friends give me.  Thanks for all my associates teach me.  Thanks for a home to live in, a job that I can go to, and food on the table.  Thanks for my freedom and liberties.  And thanks to my God who has provided all this for me.

These are the top reasons Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  What’s your favorite holiday?

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